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Word4Word -Out Fox Foxy to win

Словесные игры
2.99 usd

In Word for Word you have a board of tiles, and you make words. Each letter used in a word will turn your color. Foxy will make words as well and turn the tiles to his color. There's no time limit, just turn for turn to see who can make the best words and own the most tiles at the end of each level. You need to beat Foxy in order to progress to the next level and there are over 80 to keep you occupied!Use booster tiles to earn rockets and shuffles, you'll need them to level the playing field as Foxy steps up his game.
Fight to own the Gold Tile in each level! Find them all and unlock secret bonus levels, only intended for the very best players.
Word for Word will sharpen your brain and help you think like a fox!
Features: * 140,000 word dictionary * Strategic game play with no time pressure* 80+ Levels and 4 beautiful worlds* Collect gold to unlock a secret bonus level in each world* Use rockets and shuffles to help along the way* Lots of replay value as each level is randomly generated.